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PE and Sport Premium

Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium


From September 2013 all primary schools across England have received a share of the Government £150m pa Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium. The funding is ring-fenced and must be spent on improving the provision and quality of PE and sport in primary schools so that pupils develop healthy lifestyles.

 Shenington C of E VA Primary School have received £8,444 for the current academic year.


It is important to our school community; pupils, teachers, parents and governors, that sport and physical education have a high profile within school and that our pupils have access to a wide range of sporting opportunities.

Our rural location and relatively small size present a challenge in terms of access to facilities and events, both competitive and collaborative. This has therefore been a major focus of our spending.

We felt that it was important for all children to become more active in outdoor learning due to our location and develop an onsite provision for such learning.

We felt it was important to ensure that all members of teaching staff are competent and confident in delivering an effective PE curriculum and so provision has been made to attend to this.

Whilst many of our pupils are enthusiastic about sport and physical activity, we do have a small proportion of pupils who need extra encouragement or support to participate in many activities for a number of reasons. Increasing the participation of these children has been one of our priorities.

In addition, we have spent a proportion of the grant on upgrading our basic PE equipment to ensure that we can continue to teach a variety of physical activities within school safely and effectively.

We felt that it was important for all children to become more active in outdoor learning

The development of our school environment to support physical activity, both indoor and outdoor, will continue to be a focus over the coming year.



50% of this funding has been spent on our annual affiliation to North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership (NOSSP).  This affiliation gives Shenington C of E VA Primary School access to regular expert advice from a secondary PE specialist,  quality assured professional development training for teachers and teaching assistants, occasional input and support from qualified sports coaches, access to regular sports competitions and festivals including national School Games competitions, support with the development and delivery of primary Change4Life sports clubs and evaluation tools to help measure and monitor progress and impact.

NOSSP affiliation also provides automatic full primary membership to Youth Sport Trust and a range of additional benefits and support including the Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark.

For a copy of our agreement with North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership please click here.

The remaining 50% PE and Sport Premium has and will be spent on the following.

  • We have launched lunchtime clubs designed to allow all children access to extra curriculum based clubs. These include cross country and circuit training. This coincides with a range of after school clubs that we offer with a sports focus.

  • We have developed links with Banbury Rugby Club who have pledged to run training sessions for our pupils.

  • We have implemented and developed our Forest School program through bringing in a Forest School Leader, who has both delivered and developed a program of learning. This has enabled new members of staff to extend opportunities for outdoor activity based learning.

  • In addition, staff from both Shenington and local primary schools had the opportunity to develop their practice in outdoor learning through CPD delivered by Jan Harding who led a 2 day outdoor learning course last year. This also included resources to develop planning. This has allowed existing members of staff the ability to lead their own forest school sessions.

  • We have also developed our own on site provisions for outdoor learning to be delivered.

  • We have provided a professional dance coach to lead high quality dance based lessons for KS1 and KS2, which includes an after school dance club is also included.

    We have provided a professional tennis coach to lead high quality tennis based lessons for KS1 and KS2. 

  • We have provided a professional football coach to lead high quality football based lessons for KS1 and KS2, which includes an after school dance club.

  • Through links with the NOSSP we have been able to train up all current and previous members of the sports crew to help supervise and lead lunch time sporting activities.

  • We have invested in a scheme for PE assessment using ITeachPE. This has given a comprehensive tracking system as well as teaching resources for the whole school.

  • To help support teachers leading gymnastic sessions, we have purchased the Core Proficiency Award Scheme from British Athletics which offers lesson ideas and progression of exercises.



Although we have very supportive parents who often volunteer to take smaller groups of pupils to sporting events at other venues, this does not always allow the school or pupils to fully participate in all opportunities. We have been able to use the Sports Premium funding to hire coaches to transport pupils to a variety of competitive or community sporting events that they otherwise would not have been able to attend. We intend to continue this into next academic year, liaising with other local schools linked to NOSSP to share the costs and offer even greater value for money.

PE equipment

We have used a proportion of the funding to upgrade items of PE equipment. As well as promoting the ongoing physical safety of our pupils, this also shows them that we value PE as a subject.

We have allocated provisions to provide a range of sports based small apparatus for playtime use to encourage physical activity during these times.

We are planning a new PE storage facility for outside games lessons with accompanying high class resources.



The profile of PE and Sport has been significantly raised within the school.

Children have had increased access to competitive and collaborative sporting events both within school and with pupils from other schools. This has benefited all groups of pupils, firing the enthusiasm of our more competitive pupils and increasing the participation of those pupils less likely to take part in physical activities without active encouragement.

The involvement of professional coaches working alongside teachers means that our teachers now feel more confident in teaching a range of PE within school.

Working within the partnership has promoted greater professional collaboration with colleagues from other schools. We have had opportunities to give feedback about what has been effective and partnership provision for the coming year.

Funding for transport has meant that more pupils have been able to access a wider range of sporting & PE events than if the funding was not available.

Attendance at after school sports clubs is high with requests from pupils for additional clubs next year.

Though the implementation of a ‘Sports Crew’ we have given children a say in how PE is developed, such as choosing lunch time based sports activities, as well as a say in  playground apparatus and PE equipment which they recognise as important when replenishing resources. This has allowed a sense of ownership of the equipment and has also developed leadership skills following the main categories in ‘The spirit of the games’.


Shenington C of E VA Primary School has achieved Silver Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark 2014-15 for our current PE provision and outcomes, and Silver School Games Kitemark 2014-15 for our commitment to and the development of competition, school sport and physical education across our school and into the local community.



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