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What specific resources does your school offer?

A range of support is available, here are some examples:

Cognition and Learning


-Rapid Reading, Dandelion and Talisman Series graded books- individual and small group

-Read, Write Inc Phonics-individual and small group

-Precision Teaching-individual

-Write from the Start-individual fine motor

-Pre-Teaching Vocabulary-individual vocabulary, speaking and listening focus

-LAP Pack-individual literacy programme


-Springboard Maths-small group programme

-GAP Maths-individual concept development

-Numicon-individual and small group place value and concept development


Social, Emotional and Mental health

-SEAL-small group support

-Therapeutic Stories-Individual and small group, dealing with anxieties

-Walk and Talk-Individual nurture work with key worker

-Meet and Greet-individual, for when coming to school is hard

-Home to School link Worker-support for parenting and dealing with challenging behaviour

-Play therapist-Individual


Communication and Interaction

-Visual Support- timetables and ‘now and next’ cards to help structure the day

-Photo books-to help plan for change and transition times

-Pre-Teach-to reduce anxiety in new situations or teach vocabulary to aid participation

-Social Stories-individually written personalised stories to help social understanding and eliminate unwanted behaviour.


Sensory and Physical

-Outside access-different sensory needs

-Alternatives to written formats-ICT and Scribe

-Keyworkers-individual support for pupils with complex medical needs, appropriate training is given based on need