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Who's Who

At Shenington Primary School we are extremely fortunate to have outstanding staff at every level.


Head Teacher Miss Sarah Reynolds


  Class 4 (Year 5/6) Teacher   Miss Sarah Reynolds

Class 3 (Year 3/4) Teacher   Mr Ollie Ball

Class 2 (Year 1/2) Teacher   Mrs Heather Wright

Class 1 (Foundation Stage/Year 1) Teacher    Mrs Mo Westworth


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Barbara Allen

Miss Sophie Tilley

Mrs Gabby Proger

Mrs Linda Rossenrode

Mrs Charlotte Rennie

Miss Katrina Josephs

Mrs Sarah Cornelius


External Music coach

Miss S Phillips


External Drama Coach

Mrs Sarah Brown


External Sports Coaches

Mr W Ramzam (WR Soccer)

Wade Gymnastics



In the Office

Mr Garry Liversage

Miss Sophie Tilley


Site Cleaner Mrs Doreen Smith