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Touch Typing


Touch typing, when done well, is the fastest way to write and will come in very handy at secondary school. Many children can learn to touch type faster than they can to write with a pen.


Some important things to remember are:

  • Use the correct fingers
  • Always rest your wrists on the desk
  • Sit with your back up straight and your feet on the ground
  • Take a rest and shake your hands and arms to relax your muscles if you get tired
  • Do not look at your hands when you are learning to type

BBC Dance Mat Typing


BBC Dance Mat Typing is a fun way to learn touch typing. There are four levels of online lessons to work through:


  • Level 1 – Starts with the home row keys.
  • Level 2 – Learn the six keys above the home row.
  • Level 3 – Learn the six keys below the home row.
  • Level 4 – Learn five more keys and how to make capital letters.



You can program your own interactive stories, games and animations in Scratch. This helps to further develop creative thinking and systematic reasoning skills.


Scratch is designed for children aged 8-16 years, for younger children aged 5-7 ScratchJr is available.

More information for parents can be found on About Scratch.


To program offline, you can download Scratch Desktop.