Church of England (VA) Primary School

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Spring Questionnaire Feedback

Thank you for your feedback from our Spring Questionnaire. We value your feedback and will always respond.


Q1. I enjoy the Target Assemblies.

35 Agree: 5 don't know

Action-As the majority of families really like these- we will continue.


Q2. I enjoy the Church Services.

33 Agree: 2 N/A: 1 disagree: 2 don't know

Action-As the majority of families enjoy these, they will continue.


Q3 There is a varied range of after school clubs on offer.

37 1 agree; 1 disagree

Action -We will continue to offer a wide range of clubs next year.


Q4 I am happy with the provision of school trips.

35 Agree: 2 disagree: 1 Don't Know

Action- We will continue with a similar provision and look for as many opportunities as possible.


Q5. The school administration systems are well organised and efficient.

36 Agree: 2 Disagree: 1 Don't Know

Action- We will continue to communicate with similar systems and make any adjustments where applicable.


Q6 I am happy with the current uniform suppliers.

20 Agree: 15 Don't Know:3 Disagree

Action- We have already introduced another supplier


Q7. I enjoy the open mornings and it is enabling me to see my child’s progress.

38 Agree: 2 Don't Know

Action- These are hugely popular and will continue


Q8. I am happy with the standard of food provided by The School Lunch Company.

29 Agree: 12 Don't Know: 1 Disagree

Action- We are continuing with the School Lunch Company and we always use your feedback when planning the next menu.


Q9. I am happy with the online payment system for ordering school dinners through The School Lunch Company

36 Agree: 4 Don't Know: 1 Disagree

Action- We will continue with the payment systems.


Q 10. I am happy with the School’s on-line payment system

37 Agree: 3 Don't Know: 1 Disagree

Action- The school payment systems are hugely popular and so we will continue with this.


Comments include:

School's Approach to Healthy Lifestyles- 2 comments about packed lunch as opposed to puddings with hot dinners


School Action-

We have just reviewed and planned the menu for Autumn. Please could parents email in comments about their thoughts about moving to only yoghurt and fruit for puddings for

January 2020 by end of Summer Term. Please note this will not produce a reduction in the costs of school dinners for Key Stage 2.


Comment about them not having enough time in upper Key Stage 2- children have the opportunities to have longer if they wish- daily monitoring show that the older children eat their packed lunches and hot dinners. I will monitor further and ensure any individuals can stay in and finish.


School Lunch Company-

Would like jacket potatoes, lots of varied choice, good choice throughout the week- not so keen on all frozen. great selection.


Website - lovely photos, looks good, good, brief looks- it looks informative and easy to use, brilliant, Fantastic- changes came in just the right time, excellent, like the new photos which showcase children, website is very good with up to date news and activities; website is really nice and clean and works great as mobile device.


Other comments;

child is very happy, as parents the communication and care is first class