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Class 2

About Class 2


Years – 1 & 2

Class Teacher – Mr Kyle King

Teaching Assistant (TA) – Mrs Sarah Cornelius

Teaching Assistant (TA) -  Mrs Victoria Pursey



This Term in Class 2


This week has been filled with adventure for Class 2.  

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication, we have done this through arrays. We also, we also, we also, we also, we also, we also, we also, we also, we also, we also, we also used repeated addition! laugh

In English we have been looking at Science, History and Cooking by looking at The Great Fire of London.

In topic this week we have been building Tudor houses. We had lots of fun painting in the sun!



This week has been a very exciting week for Class 2.  

In Maths we have been looking at subtraction, and moved onto dividing by 2, 5 and 10. We also looked at odd and even numbers and for homework, we have made posters about odd and even numbers, which were amazing!

In English we have been writing instructions on how to make to bread. We started by making imaginary potions...some people used troll bogies! Eww!!!

In topic this week we been making Lego mechanism. please look at some of our photos, they were amazing!



Class 2 have had a great week this week!

We have really enjoyed Class 1 coming to join us for some Geography!

In Maths, we have been focusing on addition and subtraction. We mastered our number lines; we can now use them for all of our Maths needs.

In English we have been writing a geological report about London and have enjoyed learning all about the city of London.



This week in Class 2 has been simply amazing!

We have been looking at arithmetic and place value in Maths. From multiplication to division, we have had lots of fun doing practical things and smiling the whole way through.

In English, we have been writing descriptive stories about a monkey going to London. We began our week imagining going to London, then planning our story and finally writing them up.

In RSE we looked at the people who can help us.

We also must not forget about our picnic! Please keep an eye out for all the lovely photos.



This week in Class 2 has been simply glorious!

We have been looking at all sorts of different things in Maths's. From shape to measurement, we have had had lots of fun doing practical things and smiling the whole way through it.

In English we have been writing fact files about sheep. We began our week find facts, then planning our fact files. Finally writing them up.

In topic we sketched portraits of King Charles the III and also looked at the different counties that make up the UK.

In RE we looked at the amazing story of Jonah and the whale!

We also musn't forget about our Lambing trip, oh what fun we had! Please keep an eye our for all the lovely photos.


We have also really enjoyed lots of visits from all the teaching staff, especially the lovely Miss. Tilley and Mrs. Needham!! 



Wow! What a week it has been for Class 2. Our first week back after the Easter holidays has been very exciting.

We have been introduced to our new topic...Bright Lights and Big Cities. We have also began to learn about London.

Speaking of London, Class 2 has been very busy in English writing about a pretend trip we took, we have written a diary entry about every day we spent there.

In Math's we have been learning about how to in interpret data by looking at graphs, while some of us have continued to learn about sequencing time!

Tune in next time to find out how we have got on!



What an amazing term Class 2 have had, it feels like it was only yesterday that we came back from our last holiday!

We have really enjoyed learning about the English woodland throughout the term, ranging from non-chronological reports to fairytales!

We have discovered tree boggarts and also explored different habitats.

In math's we have furthered our reasoning knowledge and learnt all about measuring on different scales...we even know how to read clocks now!

Let's see what awaits us next term.



This week in Class 2 we have had lots of fun adventures!

For Math's we learnt about position and directions. We had lots of fun doing obstacle courses where our partners directed us where to go and how to turn.

We also became designers and made mazes which we then navigated by making instructions.

In English we looked at lots of cute bunnies and rabbits by researching facts about them. We then used these facts to make some non-chronological reports.

We have had a lovely week and are looking forward to lots of fun next week with the build up to Easter!





This week Class 2 have been very busy, working hard...but also having lots of fun.

In Math's we have been continuing our work on measurement, we have done this by learning about capacity! So, combing our measurement of mass from last week with this weeks work on capacity we could now be very helpful when cake baking!

In English we have been reading Goldilocks, this has been our favorite fairytale so far! We wrote a letter of apology from Goldilocks to the Bearingtons. To our surprise the Bearingtons replied, overall the replies were lovely with invites to come over and eat some porridge or asking us to fix the chair...some however were rather bear like.

In topic we have made hotel rooms using origami and natural materials for insects which we then placed in forest school. 



This week in Class 2 we have been looking at measurement. We have specifically been looking at grams and kilograms. We are now all experts at using scales and are ready to be helpers in the kitchen!

In topic we made tree boggarts, also known as tree guardians! These will be coming home soon and the amazing thing about these is, that we found all of our own materials and we are so excited for you all to see.

In English we have been continuing to look at fairy tales, this week we have looked at Little Red Riding Hood. We wrote a letter to granny to warn her of a mischievous wolf we met...



Wow! What a week Class 2 has had...

In Math's this week we decided to become bankers. From reasoning questions, to using coins, saving money and everything else, if it involves money, we have done it. Did you know there is a £5 coin?

In English we have entered the Enchanted Forest, we have been looking at various fairytales. We have written our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk, next week we will be writing a letter to a certain granny to warn them of a wolf...who could it be?

On Thursday, we had World Book Day, where Mr. King apparently had the day off and we have Professor Potter instead! We finished the week with our Class 2 assembly, stay turned for how it went!




This week started off with a pan! Our yearly pancake pancake race went buttery! A big well done to Archie and Joseph who won the race in Class 2 and also Mr King who won the adult race. (Please visit the latest news section to see the photos of us all in the pancake race)

This week we have been looking at poetry, our favourite poem we made together was:

There was a cat,

who got fat,

eating rats,

what a fat, lazy cat!

In Maths this week, we have been focusing on measuring. We have measured lots of things in our classroom and around the whole school.



Class 2 have had a smashing, roaring and stomping term, and wow has it gone quick. 

We have been learning about everything there is to do with dinosaurs, from fossils, the famous Mary Anning, extinction and the world we live in.

We have thrived in Maths, learning about multiplication, division and fractions...we have had a halving-time!

In English we spent our term focusing on fact files, non-chronological reports and creative writing!

I am very excited for term 4, I do not want to spoil what our topic will be about...but it might have something to do with tales...



This week Class 2 has been exploring the topic of Dinosaurs! 

We have delved into our past in History and explored different dinosaurs and how they could have looked. 

We have explored the different types of trees and gone on a tree hunt. 

In Maths we have focused on the wonderful world of fractions and will be carrying this on next week. 

In English we have been looking at fact files and the marvellous Mary Anning! 

The love, care, and kindness we have had in our lives come from many sources, but primarily our loving families! This has been explored in PSHCE. 

In Art and D&T we have begun to make our very own 3D dinosaur, keep a look out for them…



This week has been a very exciting week for class 2.  

In Maths we have begun learning about division, we started with odd and even numbers, and moved onto dividing by 2, 5 and 10. For homework we have made posters about odd and even numbers, which are amazing.  

In English we watched a documentary about dinosaurs and then spent the week planning and writing a fact file about a chosen dino! 

In topic this week we began by making some lovely ‘scrappy’ dinosaur collages which we have put up on our dino-display. We then got hungry when we talked about carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. We finished our week by being directors and making dino-tastic movies! 

Class 2 also wants to congratulate two of our students who have moved up to book 2 in piano! 



This week Class 2 have been learning the very useful skill of estimation in Maths, we have used this skill to help us with estimating: more and less than, addition, subtraction and even to answer some word questions.

In English we have read Charlie and his Dinosaur, which is about a little boy who is starting a new school, it explores his dinosaurs and his first day at school and we learn about Charlie and his new friend, who is called Digger. We then spent our week doing creative writing and writing our own version of the story, using subordination and adjectives.

In topic we have begun to explore dinosaurs as our topic this term is Dinosaur-Planet! We have written lovely descriptions of imaginary dinosaurs, explored interesting fossils and then made our own version of wheels on the bus which we called dinosaurs on the bus…we may have even recorded it!



This week Class 2 had a visit from the Dogs Trust and got to meet Rolo the dog (he wasn't real). We learnt how to care and look after dogs as well as how to approach them safely.

We have spent time in math's looking at place value, counting in multiples, partitioning numbers and all sorts of other useful mathematical techniques.

In English we have re capped our lovely holidays, discussing our favorite memories.

Later on in the week, we started our roaring new topic... Dinosaur planet, follow this space for more dino-tastic updates!

We really enjoyed the New Year disco with the whole school, playing party games and having snacks as a treat.



We have been super Christmassy in our lead up to the Christmas holidays, ranging from Christmas symmetry in Maths all the way to our ever spectacular nativity show.

Speaking of our nativity show Class 2 smashed it! I am a very proud teacher; Class 2 did amazing!



We have used our knowledge of 2D shapes to make Christmas designs such as Christmas trees and snowmen.

We have used Father Christmas to help us with symmetry…he managed to lose half of himself, what a silly sausage!

We made beautiful Maths mosaics which turned out to be presents and snowmen once we cracked the code.

Finally, we used our place value detective skills to crack some codes and figure out our answers, it was very exciting!



Someone very special will be coming to visit us in the holidays…Santa! Class 1 and 2 came together to write a letter to Santa to ask him how he is and to let him know what we might like for Christmas!


Art and DT

What goes better together than Art, DT and Christmas? Not much! We have been busy making Christmas trees, Christmas puddings, cards, and special boxes. If it is sparkly, fluffy, or Christmassy we have used it in our lessons!



Maths and English:

This week in Maths Class 2 has been focusing on the wonderful world of 2D shapes and where we can find these in the world around and how we can use them in our life. We then moved onto beginning to learn about the properties of 3D shapes, learning about how we can find them from all the way in the deserts of Egypt to our magical learning environments of Shenington C of E Primary School.

In English we looked at the Christmas story and how this was similar to our nativity play, we turned this into a story board and focused on verbs and adverbs, we wrote phenomenal work that made our books shine!


In other news:

We had a special visitor this week, Princess Cinderella! One of our classmates had their birthday, turning 107…We spent the day breaking the rules and definitely did not have hot chocolate for break.

Our nativity is going amazingly, we are very excited for our dress rehearsal on Monday and to let the rest of the school see how a nativity play is done!


Elf Watch

Melvin has been causing grief to Class 2, having already ate the whole teacher advent calendar, he is on the prowl for the chocolate that belongs to the pupils in class 2. But don’t worry Mr King has upped his game and Melvin is falling for his traps.


It’s Christmas time!

This week in Class 2 has been very exciting!

In Maths, we have been exploring multiplication using number lines and learning about the commutative law.

In English, we have been learning how to be bossy! We have been writing instructions on how to write a story using imperative verbs and time connectives. We have had all sorts of lovely ideas ranging from a hungry T-rex to a Princess on a mission to find a friend.

In other news, one of our class members was very excited to show us her Gold Award from Rainbows.

Well done, Violet! We are very proud of you.


Elf Watch

He tried, he failed…See the photo below of our Elf in action!

Mr King's tinsel trap stopped Melvin from stealing our advent chocolate, check in next time to see what evil plans Melvin comes up with and if we can stop him!




Class 2 has been exploring the topic of memories and moments that made us.

We have delved into our past in History and explored old and new toys (we did not like Mr Kings toy that made a lot of noise!).

We have explored different body parts and how they have changed as we have grown.

In Maths ,we have focused on the wonderful world of multiplication and how we can use this to explore the world around us.

In English we have been looking at the instruction making of Jam sandwiches! We helped Mr King to make one, we realised we needed more clear and direct instructions. It was rather hilarious when Mr King had a loaf of bread on his head. We will now be making our own instructions to make a sandwich of our choosing.

The love, care, and kindness we have had in our lives come from many sources but primarily our loving families! This has been explored in PSHCE.

In Art and D&T, we have looked at some of our favourite memories and made a picture frame and family portrait, which helped us to make a lovely memory!

The adventures for Term 2 have not finished yet, which means we have more memories to make! From our nativity to creating Christmas drawings with shapes we have lots of fun ahead!

Please some of our memories below (including three new children who may or not be trying to trick Mr King with new names…)


Class 2 Curriculum


The Curriculum Overview provides an idea of the whole school approach to the curriculum, while the Class 2 Curriculum gives more detailed information of what is going on in Class 2 during the term. Further information can be found in the weekly newsletters, at parents evenings, open mornings or pop in to school and speak to the Class Teacher.