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Sports News

Keep up to date with our latest sports news.

Upcoming Events


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14/06/2019 TBC

Warriner Family Tri Golf


Tadmarton Golf Course


2019-2020 Highlights

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exciting posts coming soon!

2018-2019 Highlights

22/05/2019 - Athletics Activity Session at Cardus School (Class 3)


Class 3 took part in an athletics activity session held at Cardus School. Much fun was had by all.

17/05/2019 - Warriner Family Kwik Cricket (Y5&6)


We sent three teams to Sibford School to take part in the Warriner Family Kwik Cricket tournament. The B and C teams played a round robin tournament while the A team played in a league. Our A team came runners up in their league and therefore had to play the runners up of the other league for the 3rd/4th position. Unfortunately we lost by one point as a very controversial run out was given against us. Everyone had great fun despite the very cold weather.

10/05/2019 - Warriner Family Mini Red Tennis (Year 3&4)


Eight children from Class 3 represented Shenington at the Warriner Partnership School’s Mini-Red Tennis Tournament at Banbury West End. The four boys and four girls showed off their skills, including some nifty backhands, competing in a Round-Robin competition against four other local schools. It was a fantastic afternoon of tennis, with each of our players winning at least one of their matches, and more importantly, showing our school values by demonstrating great sportsmanship. Even better – we won overall! It’s fair to say Miss Spiers and Mrs Musekiwa were very proud of the children’s achievement!

03/04/2019 - Oxfordshire School Games Football Finals (Year 3&4)


Class 3 represented the school in the Oxfordshire Year 3/4 School Games Football Finals at Abingdon. Spirits were high throughout and despite very tough opposition in muddy and wet conditions, Shenington won 1 game in the tournament finishing in a very respectable 5th place. The team were praised for their hard work, comradery and teamwork throughout the tournament.

02/04/2019 - Oxfordshire School Games Cross Country Finals (KS2)


Three children represented the school at the Oxfordshire School Games Cross Country Finals at Abingdon. Despite the weather pouring down with rain throughout the whole event they all managed to keep their spirits up.


Two children participated in the Year 3/4 girls event and out of 140 girls across the county one finished in 1st place and the other in 11th place. What a tremendous performance to finish in gold medal position! Congratulations to them both ... a big well done!


One child took part in the Year 5/6 boys race. Racing against a large amount of competitors he managed to beat his County Finals personal best of 7th last year to finish his primary school cross country racing career in a fantastic 2nd place. Well done!


With the weather being so extreme all three children were praised for their resilience and determination throughout the event.

28/03/2019 - Warriner Multi-Skills Festival (KS1)


We joined several other primary schools to take part in the Warriner Multi-Skills Festival. We sent 12 children, all of whom had an enjoyable time taking part in the numerous activities provided.

07/03/2019 - Warriner Family Dodgeball (Year 3&4)


We sent 7 players to take part in the Warriner Family Dodgeball event. We played against 6 other teams and won the majority of our games. A great day was had by all.

01/03/2019 - Warriner Family In2 Hockey (Year 5&6)


We sent two teams to Bloxham Independent School to compete in the Warriner Family In2 Hockey. Our A Team came 4th having won 3, drawn 1 and lost 2 games. Our B Team played really well and showed great team spirit.

26/02/2019 - Small School Netball Finals (Year 5&6)


We competed in the Small School Netball Finals against Sibford, Bishop Carpeneter and Sibford Gower schools. The teams were made up of 5 players, with only 2 boys allowed. Although we did not win, we all had an amazing time, showing great team spirit and enthusiasm.

07/12/2018 – NOSSP Primary Cross Country Finals (KS1 & 2) 


Some children competed in the NOSSP Primary Cross Country Finals in which a number of schools took part. Everyone who took part showed tremendous effort. We had children finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 8th place. Our children in the top three places will be competing in the Oxfordshire Cross Country Finals in April 2019.

13/11/2018 – Warriner Family Cross Country Competition (KS2)

Well done to all of Key Stage 2 for participating in the Warriner Family Cross Country Competition. All of the children tried hard. Special congratulations to those children who finished 1st and 2nd in the Year 3 & 4 Girls race, 2nd in the Year 5 & 6 Boys race and 10th in the Year 3 & 4 Boys race. All 4 of children qualified for the NOSSP Cross Country Finals, to be held in December 2018.

08/11/2018 – Warriner Family Cross Country (KS1)


Two of our children qualified for the NOSSP Cross Country Finals, to be held in December 2018.

16/10/2018 – Warriner Family Small School Football Finals (Year 3 & 4)


Having not lost a game and drawing only two, we finished in a very respectable second place and have qualified to go into the Oxfordshire School Games Football Finals in April 2019.

11/10/2018 – Warriner Family Tag Rugby (Year 5 & 6)


We played well but missed a place in the semi-finals.

14/09/2018 – Tag Rugby, Football & Cross Country Training


This week in PE, Class 4 have being working on developing their Tag Rugby skills to prepare them for the upcoming Tag Rugby Festival. Class 3 have been working on their Football skills to prepare them for the upcoming Football Festival. On Friday's, Cross Country Club is being held at lunchtime where everyone is invited to train for the upcoming Cross Country event.

September 2018 – Cross Country Lunchtime Club

The children will have again have the opportunity to join in with Cross Country during Friday lunch time. It is hoped that this club has greater support than in previous years.

2017-2018 Highlights

14/11/2017 – Oxfordshire Cross Country (KS2)


We took part in the Oxfordshire Key Stage 2 Cross Country at The Warriner secondary school in Bloxam. Year 3 and 4 ran 1 mile and Year 5 and 6 ran 1.5 miles.


A child in Class 4 finished in 3rd place in the Year 5 & 6 Boys race. Two children in the Year 3 & 4 Girls race finished in the top ten; one finished in 3rd place and the other 9th. A child from Class 3 finished in 15th place in the Year 3 & 4 Boys race.


The top ten students were put through to the final. Congratulations to our three children from Key Stage 2 who made it to the final! Everyone who took part showed lots of determination.

2016-2017 Highlights

08/11/2016 – Small Schools Football Final (Year 3 & 4)


Year 3 and 4 A Team took part in the small schools football finals at Banbury Football Club, winning the tournament with a great team effort.

04/10/2016 – Football Tournament (Class 3)


Class 3 went to a football tournament and competed as two teams. The tournament took place at Sibford School and we were very good players despite the A Team losing, their teamwork was amazing! The B team won all matches they played and were proud with the work they had done. Surprisingly Shenington came in first place! It was a miracle and a great achievement since it was the first time they had won in many, many years. The team captains received the certificates for all of their fellow players. Class 3 will receive their certificates in assembly. Many congratulations are sent to Class 3.

2015-2016 Highlights

26/02/2016  – Hockey Tournament (Year 5 & 6)


A team of ten Year 5 and 6 boys and girls went to play hockey against several other schools. The matches were held at Bloxham School on their fantastic outdoor astro turf pitches. Our team worked really hard against some very stiff competition. Well done to all those who took part as they were great ambassadors for our school and demonstrated passion and super teamwork.

11/02/2016 – Shenington v Wroxton Football Match


We played football against Wroxton school. There were two games, one for older pupils and another for the younger children. The younger team beat Wroxton with a score 8 goals to them. Unfortunately their senior team beat ours by 9 goals to 3. All the participants  put a lot of effort into the matches and enjoyed the friendly competition.

08/12/2015 – Dodgeball Tournament (Class 3)


Part of Class 3 participated in a Dodgeball Tournament. We enjoyed the session except it was fast and a bit rough and some people got a little hurt. Nine people from Class 3 attended but only six people were allowed to play. We played at the Warriner School. One girl received certificate for showing good passion whilst playing.

13/10/2015 – Football Tournament


We sadly lost the football tournament! We played three matches against Sibford, Sibford Gower and Bishop’s Carpenter schools. We lost two matches, one of them 4-2 and the other 4-3, then we won one 6-4. All games were seven minutes long and lots of our players scored. We worked as a great team.

20/09/2015 – The First Sports Leadership Session (Sports Crew)


Sports Crew members took part in the first Sports Leadership Session with pupils selected from other primary schools. The Warriner Leaders ran games in groups of two’s and three’s, including parachuting balls in the air, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ relay courses, a game of ‘over and under,’ and so much more! After a few minutes the children swapped round the games so they could try all of them. We all enjoyed ourselves.

2014-2015 Highlights

Hornton v Shenington Football Match


Well done to our football team who were superb hosts during the inter school home match against Horton Primary School here at Shenington C of E (VA) Primary School. It was an excellent game which saw our team win with a final score of 5-2. Thanks to parents for their support and to Mr Liversage for staying on after school to referee.

27/02/2015 – PE Update


We hope to welcome a sports coach from Bloxham School on Thursday afternoons starting from Thursday 12th March 2015 to teach Hockey to Class 4.


In addition, we will be welcoming a sports coach from the North Oxfordshire Sports Partnership (NOSSP). On Monday afternoons, she will be teaching PE lessons to Foundation Stage, Year 1 and 2 together and Class 3. This will provide another opportunity for Years 1 and 2 to work together.


Furthermore, all Year 1 and 2 will share a session with the dance coach on a Tuesday afternoon. The dance coach will continue to teach lessons to Class 3 and Class 4 too.


Our PE funding from the Olympics 2012 legacy is used to fund these coaches. In addition the funding has been used to pay for the Forest School coaching provision at Upton Estate as well as training for the staff on outdoor learning activities.

09/12/2014 – Dodgeball Extravaganza (Year 3 & 4)


Year 3 and 4 attended a Dodgeball Extravaganza at Warriner School. Other schools from the Warriner Partnership were also there and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. All our pupils entered into the spirit of the event.

Sliver Mark Award


We are delighted to achieve a Silver Sports Mark for our excellent efforts and participation in a wide range of tournaments and competitions. This is a great achievement which recognises the efforts of all of our children, staff, helpers and parents.

PE Update


We have invested half of our PE funding into the NOSSP (North Oxfordshire Schools Sports  Partnership) in order to network with staff in other schools and  to access inter school tournaments and competitions both  within the partnership and also schools in North Oxfordshire, as well as access external coaching (such as the  Bench Ball coaching last year). Our next programme of coaching will begin after Christmas. Without this investment there would be few opportunities for our children to participate in sporting events with other schools.

18/11/2014 – Swimming Gala (Year 3 & 4)


Ten pupils were selected to take part in the Swimming Gala at Sibford School. There were lots of different races and all the schools competed against each other. Some of the races were freestyle, relay, back crawl, front crawl and breaststroke. Our Year 3/4 girls came first and the Year 3/4 boys came second. It was a wonderful day and we all tried our hardest and worked together.

08/11/2014 – North Oxfordshire Cross Country Finals (KS1 & 2)


We took part in the North Oxfordshire Cross Country Finals at Bicester Community College. The first race was for Year 1 and 2 where they had to run 600 metres through some muddy fields. The girls took 7th and 29th place and the boys 1st and 5th place.


An extra loop was added to the course for the older runners. Our girls finished in 24th and 30th place. We were very proud of ourselves and did very well seeing as each race had around 70 competitors.