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Class 4

About Class 4


Years – 5 & 6

Class Teacher – Miss Sarah Reynolds

Teaching Assistant (TA) – Mrs Charlotte Rennie

Teaching Assistant (TA) - Miss Sophie Tilley

Teaching Assistant (TA) - Mrs Linda Rossenrode

This Term in Class 4

by Head Girl (Iona) and Head Boy (Jacob H)


In Class 4 we have been working hard in many different subjects. In Maths, Year 5 have been working on their end of term assessments, whilst Year 6's have been working on Maths sheets that are based on all aspects of Maths. In English, we have been looking at different styles of writing such as narrative, recount and letter writing. In ICT we have been researching Ancient Egyptians from our assignment in teams. In P.E, we have played a few sports across the week such as dance, cricket, rounders and our mini Olympics. We hope you have a great half term holiday.



This week in Class 4, we have been doing some writing assessments which included writing a letter for the job takeover day coming up. We wrote to the member of staff that we would like to be which included our job application. We also wrote letters to the new children and their families joining us in September.

In Music and Dance we have been continuing to practice our play, Class 3 joined us by showing us their dance as they will be dancing for our production.




This week the Year 6 children completed their SATS. I am so incredibly proud of how well the children have embraced this week, they have worked so hard and i am proud of each and every one of them. A big well done to them all!


Miss Reynolds.


The Year 5 children joined Class 3 in the hall doing Maths and English. They had great fun creating a story based on cloudy with a chance of meatballs and enjoyed thinking of their food and setting for their story. 



This week in Maths Class 4 have been looking at co-ordinates, measurements and algebra. In English we have been working on all aspects of SPAG. In Music we have been working on our play and our singing. In P.E we were doing relay races and in dance we have been learning dance routines for our play. We have also been keeping an eye on our plants and watering them regularly/



This week in Class 4, we have been developing speech in English using punctuation in the correct places. In Maths we have been on BBC Bitesize and we have recapping decimals. Class 4 also had the pleasure to complete a portrait of King Charles III by following Sam Barnet's simple drawing steps. We hope to upload these at home to the Children In Need page. In Forest School this week we built a cafe, took the bark off sticks to make tools and we enjoyed the sunshine!



Class 4 have had a great first week back after Easter. We have been learning about Mode, Median, Mean and Range. We experimented with Mode using ourselves by grouping pupils who were wearing skirts and trousers, cardigans, jumpers and t-shirts. This was fun to try and work out what the Mode was between us all.

In Maths, we have been focusing on Data handling. We have been using the BBC Bitesize website to complete different Maths activities that we have covered so far.

In English, we have been working on SPAG papers together as a class. In P.E we have been doing cricket and athletics which has been really fun to take part in!

In Music this week, we have been practising for our summer production we now have our roles and are getting to know the characters and songs.




This week Class 4 have been translating shapes in Maths. We have been learning how to record and give co ordinates using squared paper and also how to draw accurate shapes.

In English, we have been writing our own auto-biographies using our homework to help. We really enjoyed making Easter Bonnets in class for the parade on the last day of term.

We have been enjoying our P.E lessons and Forest School this week too!

We wish you a very happy Easter from Class 4.



This week, Class 4 have been very busy learning our 3D shape properties and Area and Perimeter in Maths. In our music lesson, we all had the opportunity to audition for the school play. We have also been continuing to endeavour in our sport. In English, we have been writing about the Easter story and we used snippets of the story in our Church Service. We have also continued to enjoy our Forest School sessions on a Thursday!



This week we have been very busy planting different types of seeds that we will be growing, mastering brackets in Maths and perfecting our argument writing. We have also been busy celebrating Red Nose Day in style! Miss Reynolds has also been busy hosting a tea party with some children.



This week in Class 4, we have done a variety of subjects which include:

On Tuesday, Footy Kids came to our school and we all played football in the inflatable football pitch, which was lots of fun!

In Science, we did some experiments using sugar, salt, water, sawdust and stones. We made sugar and salt solutions and tested how quickly they dissolved over a couple of days and monitored the results of each cup.

We have also had lots of fun in the snow! We have been on the field building snowmen and playing.

In English, we have done spellings and argument writing about mental health and how to support it. 

In Maths, we have been mastering long division.



This week. Class 4 have been incredibly busy. At Shenington, we have been celebrating World Book Day, to the best of our abilities, including:

  • reading with our buddies
  • decorating our classroom doors
  • dressing up
  • researching about our favourite authors
  • writing a blurb

We have also been perfecting our Persuasive Writing in English and practising our rounding and division skills in Maths. We have also been learning how to copy and paste in I.T, whilst we have been learning about the Polar Region. In P.E we were working on perfecting our landing when jumping from different heights on the equipment. On Tuesday, 19 of us form KS2 went to St.Mary's Church in Banbury to sing in the Rotary concert - children singing for children.




This week Class 4 have been doing a variety of activities ranging from P.E to SPAG.

Monday, an event called pancake race took place, Class 4 flipped the entire way along the playground there and back. We also did Maths and English. On Wednesday we learnt to divide numbers and put them into decimals fractions or remainders and rounding numbers. English, we learnt instruction writing and what made an instruction piece of writing.

Thursday, we did geometry, shape measuring which involved measuring the shapes sides and using a protractor to figure out the angles and what type of shape they were. In English, we did information retrieval of the polar region finding out the animals that live there,the tourism and the climate. Some children from Class 4 also went to a hocky tournament. It was very exciting to be involved in such a fun event with friends! Friday we worked on percentages and we had a visit from the Youth Activators who spoke about mental health and included us in some games such as dodge-ball and cross the golden river.

(Please see latest news for photos of us joining in the pancake race)



This week in Class 4, we have been busy in English writing about earthquakes and researching them. We have also been writing about Lent through information writing. In Maths, we have been perfecting out percentages. On Thursday some of us went to an athletic event which had 9 seperate activities for us all to complete, it was alot of fun!



This week, Class 4 have been busy learning about Lent, mastering angles, developing our sportsmanship skills and learning about Fire Safety. On Monday, we learnt how to do a headstand and a handstand in P.E. On Tuesday a man from fire and rescue came in and talked to us about house fires and how to stay safe with fires. We are mastering narrative and angles are we are keen to learn more!



This week, we have been incredibly busy, perfecting our long multiplication and practising our speech through narrative. We have been learning how to map plot our United Kingdom cities, through Geography. We are singing on Wednesdays and we are continuing to excel in our sports and other activities.

In Class 4 we have been researching and learning all about sacred texts. On Tuesday, we had some special visitors who answered our questions about the Quran. This was a really interesting talk because we didn’t know much about the Quran, but now we do. Our visitors also brought in a translated children’s version of the Quran for us to keep in school.

Forest School was super exciting this week, because we built dens with pallets and we learnt how to start a fire safely. Rory.T and Alfie.F showed great determination when they were starting the fire for us all.

This week we started Music with our new Music teacher, Mrs Harcourt. We learnt a song called On the Road to Banbury and Hallelujah. These songs we will be singing at St Mary’s Church with Mrs Harcourt. All of Class 4 had lots of fun and enjoyed singing together!


Written by Jack P (Head Prefect)



This week's Math includes formal methods with decimal numbers. We have been multiplying decimal numbers.

In English this week, we have been doing information writing and narrative using speech.

In Music, we have started our choir which includes Hallelujah (shrek version) more details are to follow.

We had a visit from the Dogs Trust this week, we learnt how to approach dogs safely and how to care and look after dogs. We also learnt some interesting facts about dogs too!


We really enjoyed the New Year disco with the whole school, playing party games and having snacks as a treat!



Class 4 have enjoyed their class production this week. Some children bravely stepped up last minute into new parts to enable the show to go on. We have also been making our annual Christmas presents..shhh it is top secret! We have also enjoyed creating word searches and word problems linked to the festivities and Christmas.

This week in Class 4, we have been very busy completing assessments, enjoying Christmas Jumper Day and delivering Christmas cards to the villagers. We have also been rehearsing our plays on the stage, which we put up on Monday.



Class 4 this week have been very busy, focusing on Letter Writing and Instruction Writing. In Letter Writing, we each wrote a letter to a Foundation Child, welcoming them to our school.

In Instruction Writing, we have written recipes for Christingles (and made them with Foundation Stage) and for Class 3, how to get your pen licence (which you get in Year 4) and we also wrote a recipe for a happy and healthy school.

In Maths, we have been working on mixed number fractions, improper fractions and we have also been finding the percentage of a number.

Yesterday, on the first day of Advent, we all decorated our classrooms and Class 4 helped to decorate the whole school.




Since the start of September, Class 4 have been incredibly busy, here are some highlights of what we have been up to.

Our topic for last term was Darwin and his theory of Evolution, we did a lot of research on his trip to the Galapagos Islands, which we found fascinating as we got to learn about the different animals which were discovered. We were able to use our research for the foundation of our class assembly and to help us with our work in English, such as letter writing (as though we were Charles Darwin), narrative and information writing.

In Maths, we have been working on using and applying, fractions, place value, factors, prime, square and cube numbers, multiples and related facts, who knew mastering fractions could actually be fun.

We have been very active in PE, honing our skills in football, gymnastics, and most recently this term, netball and forest school, we haven’t let the bad weather stop us!

The parents were invited into school to watch our assembly which as mentioned above was based on Charles Darwin, we incorporated games of Top Trumps (which we had made ourselves using our research on animals). As well as getting ready for our assembly, we made PowerPoints with the research on both our Galapagos animals and our animal of choice, our parents were invited into class, after the assembly to see our PowerPoints.

Parents (and dogs) have also joined us for our ramble for Children in Need, we had a lovely walk around the village and we had a quick pitstop at the Shenington Tree that our logo is based on.  

Every term we go to Church, to celebrate the time of year, last term we celebrated harvest festival and this term we have already celebrated remembrance and are waiting for Christmas to come around. 

We are so proud of our work, that every term, we have an Open Morning, which gives the parents an opportunity to see our work, chat to our teachers and they even get to enjoy a biscuit and hot drink.

We plan to update you regularly across the term.



Class 4 Curriculum


The Curriculum Overview provides an idea of the whole school approach to the curriculum, while the Class 4 Curriculum gives more detailed information of what is going on in Class 4 during the term. Further information can be found in the weekly newsletters, at parents evenings, open mornings or pop in to school and speak to the Class Teacher.