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PE & Sport Premium

From September 2013, all primary schools across England have received a share of the Government £150m pa Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium. In September 2017 the total grant available was doubled to £300m. The funding is ring-fenced and must be spent on improving the provision and quality of PE and sport in primary schools so that pupils develop healthy lifestyles.


Funding for each school is calculated by the number of primary aged pupils (between the ages of 5 and 11) as at the annual schools’ census in January. In 2017-18 all schools with 17 or more primary-aged pupils will receive a lump sum of £16,000 plus a premium of £10 per pupil. Smaller schools will receive £1,000 per pupil.


For a full list of PE and Sport Premium grants for partnership schools click here.

PE and Sport Premium Statement


Shenington C of E (VA) Primary School has received £13,331 so far for the current academic year 2017-18 with the figure set to increase during the academic year. Current expenditure; £6,538.97 for hired coaches and contracted services and £2,008.70 for PE related transport costs.

(Revised 12th January 2018)


School & Cluster

Total PE & Sport

Premium Grant

Nov 17 Grant


May 18 Grant


Warriner Partnership




Shenington CofE Primary School






It is important to our school community; pupils, teachers, parents and governors, that sport and physical education have a high profile within school and that our pupils have access to a wide range of sporting opportunities.


Our rural location and relatively small size present a challenge in terms of access to facilities and events, both competitive and collaborative. This has therefore been a major focus of our spending.


We felt that it was important for all children to become more active in outdoor learning due to our location and develop an onsite provision for such learning.


We felt it was important to ensure that all members of teaching staff are competent and confident in delivering an effective PE curriculum and so provision has been made to attend to this.


Whilst many of our pupils are enthusiastic about sport and physical activity, we do have a small proportion of pupils who need extra encouragement or support to participate in many activities for a number of reasons. Increasing the participation of these children has been one of our priorities.


In addition, we have spent a proportion of the grant on upgrading our basic PE equipment to ensure that we can continue to teach a variety of physical activities within school safely and effectively.


We felt that it was important for all children to become more active in outdoor learning.


The development of our school environment to support physical activity, both indoor and outdoor, will continue to be a focus over the coming year.



£2,000, Affiliation to North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership (NOSSP). This affiliation gives Shenington C of E (VA) Primary School access to regular expert advice from a secondary PE specialist, quality assured professional development training for teachers and teaching assistants, access to regular sports competitions and festivals including national School Games competitions, support with the development and delivery of primary Change4Life sports clubs and evaluation tools to help measure and monitor progress and impact.


NOSSP affiliation also provides automatic full primary membership to Youth Sport Trust and a range of additional benefits and support including the Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark.


For a copy of our agreement with North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership click here.


The remaining amount of the PE and Sport Premium has and will be spent on the following:


  • We have launched lunchtime clubs designed to allow all children access to extra curriculum based clubs. These include cross country and circuit training. This coincides with a range of after school clubs that we offer with a sports focus.

  • We have implemented and developed our Forest School and Outdoor Learning program through bringing in trained Leaders, who have both delivered and developed a program of learning. This has enabled new members of staff to extend opportunities for outdoor activity based learning.

  • In addition, staff from both Shenington and local primary schools had the opportunity to develop their practice in outdoor learning through CPD delivered by Jan Harding who led a two day outdoor learning course last year. This also included resources to develop planning. This has allowed existing members of staff the ability to lead their own forest school sessions.

  • In addition we have also funded a member of staff to be trained in Level 3 Forest School Leadership to internally develop the quality of outdoor learning at school.

  • We have also developed our own on site provisions for outdoor learning to be delivered.

  • We have provided a professional dance coach to lead high quality dance based lessons for Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2).

  • We have provided a professional tennis coach to lead high quality tennis based lessons for Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2). This also caters for an after school club too.

  • We have provided a professional football coach to lead high quality football based lessons for Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2). Lessons also cater for all aspects of invasion based sports. This also offers a football club too. We have enabled children to develop their skills linked to sports competitions organised through the NOSSP so that children have the best opportunity to succeed and enjoy competitive sports.

  • Through links with the NOSSP we have been able to train up all current and previous members of the sports crew to help supervise and lead lunch time sporting activities.

  • Sports activators have been organised to come in and run lunch time activities for targeted groups of children.

  • We have invested in a scheme for PE assessment using ITeachPE. This has given a comprehensive tracking system as well as teaching resources for the whole school. We are currently looking at ways to improve this system and resource.

  • To help support teachers leading gymnastic sessions, we have purchased the Core Proficiency Award Scheme from British Athletics which offers lesson ideas and progression of exercises.

  • To develop children’s health and emotional wellbeing we have invested in play therapy to enable the children to access and be successful in both the PE and national curriculum.

  • The children have had access to a Yoga instructor to develop an ethos of ‘healthy bodies and healthy minds.’ There is also an after school yoga club run by an instructor.

  • Due to our rural location, we have reduced costs for the children to access PE competitions and events by funding some of the transport so events can be attended.

Year 6 Swimming Statistics


% of current Year 6 pupils who by July 2018 were able to: Pupils who joined after July 2018 and have not yet had the opportunity to go swimming with us
Swim 25 metres competently, confidently and proficiently Use a range of strokes effectively Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations
100%  100%  100% 14%