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Feedback & Reviews

We always review our performance and highly value feedback from our stakeholders; pupils, parents, governors and the community. We ask parents for feedback three times per year.

Parent Questionnaire (December 2018)


Below is the feedback received from our December 2018 Parent Questionnaire.



Parents Strongly
Agree or Agree

My child is happy at school


My child feels safe at school


I receive regular updates on what my child is learning


My child is well looked after


My child is well taught


The school really cares about my child


I receive valuable information about my child


The school responds well to any concerns I raise


The school is well led and managed


The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved



Feedback From Oxford Museum School Trip (November 2018)


“We hope that your children enjoyed their visit to the Museum of Natural History today. This is just an email to say that it was a delight to have Shenington in the Museum as the children behaved beautifully. Museum staff commented on how receptive, polite and considerate the children were during their visit. I just wanted to pass on our thanks.” – Oxford Museum of Natural History

Parent Questionnaire (July 2018)


Question: “What are the strengths of our school?”


Below is the feedback received from our July 2018 Parent Questionnaire, for the above mentioned question.


  • “Strong leadership, good team work between staff, happy environment and atmosphere for staff and children.”
  • “Staff know each child so well and teach each child as individual. Impressed with personal support - academically, emotionally and physically.”
  • “Teamwork is strong.”
  • “Children are well behaved and get on with each other. Thoughtful and caring environment.”
  • “Children understand boundaries. Praise for demonstrating values, listening to individual children and nurturing.”
  • “Safeguarding and protecting children at all times, creating a caring environment to learn and grow in confidence.”
  • “Clear attention to detail child’s progress needs.”
  • “Size of school, location and outstanding staff.”
  • “Phonics used in Foundation Stage and encouragement given to children.”
  • “Size of school, staff and provision of after school clubs.”
  • “Approachable staff, small school so all staff know pupils and pupils all know each other.”
  • “Attitudes to all areas great. Happy school equals happy learning.”
  • “Always good, hardworking and very helpful.”
  • “Care, constant support and listen to points raised.”
  • “Working together with all.”
  • “Nurturing environment, fantastic staff, wonderful facilities and surroundings, Forest School Club is superb.”
  • “Good teaching assistants in Class 3 and 4, open door policy to parents so any worries or concerns are dealt with, good communication from office - especially mid-week reminders.”
  • “Good staff child ratio within school which gives pupils the opportunity to work in smaller groups and get one to one needs, the school is very welcoming to parents and concerns are dealt with and taken seriously, good sports coaches who come in and teach.”
  • “All of the teachers are involved with all of the children so no worries when moving up a class, we receive a lot of feedback about how the children are performing, if been acting up or doing well.”
  • “All-inclusive - children given chance to take part in performances which are all well-rehearsed and professional, the staff know and understand the children well, it is noted that the Shenington children are more focused and listen to coaches, good options for after school clubs, lots of chance to try different sports and competitions with the Warriner Partnership.”
  • “Booster groups, behaviour of pupils, pupils make good progress, external coaches providing opportunities such as yoga, dance, reading is a strong point, school grounds and play equipment.”

SlAMS Inspection Report (April 2016)


  • "Nurturing and inclusive environment"
  • "Children are valued as individuals and enabled to flourish."
  • "Staff know the children incredibly well"
  • "Pupils enjoy coming to school"
  • "Pupils enjoy coming to school"
  • "Strong leadership and good governance"
  • "A welcoming and accepting Christian community"
  • "Supportive of all the children and families it serves"
  • "The wellbeing of the whole community is of utmost importance."

Ofsted Inspection Report (April 2016)


  • "The school is a safe and happy place"
  • "Early Years is highly effective"
  • "Aspirational Culture"
  • "A curriculum that excites and challenges pupils."
  • "Behaviour around the school is excellent."
  • "Pupils enjoy a wide range of opportunities to develop their talents"
  • "Pupils wear their uniform smartly and are proud of their school."
  • "Pupils play well together and support each other in class."
  • "Pupils are polite and helpful."
  • "Passionate about improving the life chances of pupils"
  • "Staff know the children inside out"