Safeguarding Notice

Safeguarding and keeping children safe is our top priority.

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Church of England (VA) Primary School

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Targets & Awards

We acknowledge, reward and celebrate our children’s hard work, good behaviour and achievements. Children are encouraged to see the good in others and give them praise by voting for their peers to receive awards.

Target Awards


At the beginning of the academic year, children are given target cards for Mathematics and English. Listed on these cards are the skills children work to develop in each subject in their particular year group. When a target is met it is signed off by the class teacher. A target needs to be met three times before it counts towards a target award.


We hold six target award assemblies over the academic year, providing children the opportunity to achieve up to five target award certificates (see table below). Children will not necessarily achieve a target at each award assembly and may not achieve all five certificates over the year.


Target Award

Number of Targets Achieved

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

First Target Award



Bronze Award



Silver Award



Gold Award



Platinum Award




Star of the Week


A class vote is taken to select a child from each year group to be the Star of the Week. To be eligible for the award, children will have demonstrated the value of the month in their actions during the week.

Learner of the Week


Class teachers select a child from each year group to receive the Learner of the Week award. Children selected will have been studious over the week, doing their very best to achieve their learning objectives.

VIP Privilege


Class teachers award VIP privileges to two children per class at the end of each morning, for outstanding effort, work and/or behaviour. VIPs are fast tracked to the front of the lunch queue and are waited on by the lunchtime staff.