Safeguarding Notice

Safeguarding and keeping children safe is our top priority.

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Church of England (VA) Primary School

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Our Team

We are extremely fortunate to have outstanding staff at every level.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

DSL – Miss Sarah Reynolds

Deputy DSL – Mr Oliver Ball

Deputy DSL – Mrs Heather Wright

Head Teacher

Miss Sarah Reynolds

Assistant Head Teacher

Mr Oliver Ball

Special Educational Needs and Difficulties Coordinator (SENDCo)

SENDCo – Mrs Heather Wright


Class 4 (Year 5 & 6) Teacher – Miss Sarah Reynolds

Class 3 (Year 3 & 4) Teacher – Mr Oliver Ball

Class 2 (Year 1 & 2) Teacher – Miss Belinda White

Class 1 (Foundation Stage & Year 1) Teacher – Mrs Heather Wright

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Barbara Allen

Miss Sophie Tilley

Mrs Linda Rossenrode

Mrs Charlotte Rennie

Miss Katrina Josephs

Mrs Sarah Cornelius

Mrs Paula Musekiwa

School Office

Office Manager – Mr Garry Liversage

Governors Clerk – Miss Sophie Tilley

Site Cleaner

Site Cleaner – Mrs Doreen Smith

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Manager – Mr Phillip Theakston (The School Lunch Company)

External Coaches

Choir & Music Teacher – Miss Siân Phillips
Piano Teacher – Ms Claire Belcher (The Warwickshire Music Company)

Drama Coach – Mrs Sarah Brown

French Teacher – Madame Nancy Sheppard

Multi-Sports Coach – Mr Waheed Ramzan (WR Sports) & Miss Rebecca Howard (WR Sports)

Gymnastics Coach – Ms Annabelle Bailey (Wade Gymnastics)

Tennis Coach – Ms Annabelle Bailey (Tennis Solutions)

Yoga Coach – Ms Sarah Haden

Karate Coach – Sensei Gareth Rees (Banbury Karate Club)